Healing Hand began as a direct result of the void for lead generation services specializing in the health and wellness industry, as well as the convoluted nature of the digital marketing industry. Healing Hand’s founder also owns a digital marketing agency called Lifestyle Marketing.The digital world has made marketing more accessible, but also more complicated than ever before. Business owners lose millions of dollars every day by failing to execute a strategic marketing plan that actually moves the needle. That’s why our agency decided to flip our business model to solely focus on helping health and wellness organizations grow their client base.

Healing Hand partners with expert health and wellness professionals who specifically specialize in IV therapy, cryotherapy, acupuncture, and so much more. We use our proprietary database of the US’s top health and wellness professionals to match a field expert with an individual seeking their services. Essentially, Healing Hand is a referral company for the top wellness organizations in the US. We’re excited to offer you a hand in your wellness journey !


At Healing Hand, we strive to give back to the world, truly aspiring to leave the world a better place than we found it. Our mission is to help spread health and wellness throughout the US by connecting the nation’s leading health and wellness experts with individuals seeking their services. We also seek to educate, inform, and motivate individuals to live a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.

Chris Himel | CEO/Founder 

Chris is the face of the company and heads up the high-level strategy sessions.
He likes walks on the beach and cranking tunes throughout the office to keep the team’s spirits high.

Ashley Woosley | Director of Operations

Ashley is the glue that holds us together by making sure all loose ends are tied. She handles all of our administrative tasks like securing billing and communicating with freelancers.

Halli Bruton | Account Director

Halli works alongside Chris to develop strategies, and she works directly with the clients to make sure that their needs, wants and priorities are met swiftly and efficiently by the team.

Sheila Khakpour | Account Manager

Sheila is our main point of contact for clients and leads the account to ensure that strategies are executed to the highest standard. She ensures that our clients always experience top-notch customer service.

Alex Acree | Account Coordinator

Alex is the grease that keeps the wheels turning on our account team. She provides day-to-day support to ensure each client’s strategies and objectives are executed effectively.

Erin Johstono | Account Executive

Erin works with the account team to create social media content, email content, blog edits, and makes sure all the client’s objectives are executed with peak performance.