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Everything You Need to Know About IV Infusion Therapy

Everything You Need to Know About IV Infusion Therapy

Intravenous IV Therapy is the process of delivering fluids, nutrients, and medicines directly into a vein.

Because of lifestyle, stress, increasing workload, and environmental pollution, our health tends to suffer more than we think. IV infusion is one of the most effective and best options for maintaining your health, wellness, and recovery of your body. It detoxifies your body, helps eliminate fatigue, and restores energy. The benefits to your skin may even be apparent because the health benefits start from within. Infusions correct imbalances in your body that can help optimize your health for the best. 

What is IV Therapy?

IV infusion involves the injection or application of certain substances directly into the bloodstream for various purposes. The purpose of IV therapy can be treatment of a certain condition, rehydration, improved skin, help with boost in immunity, or simply for detox.

It is an old, reliable method that is an essential part of treatment for most medical diseases. But it is increasingly being used today for people who are already healthy in order to maintain their health and ensure optimum level of wellness while they are still physically active. While IV therapy is not necessarily a prerequisite for good health, many choose to use it to ensure their active lifestyle remains active instead of waiting for illness to take place. Ingredients that are typically administered intravenously may be:

  • Medications
  • Water for rehydration in the form of normal saline
  • Nutrients: vitamins, minerals, glucose, and amino acids

When your body is dehydrated because of excessive fluid loss, these substances restore fluid to your body, compensate for lost strength, and make you feel better, making you feel reinvigorated and rehydrated.

Wellness Clinics Highly Customize to Your Needs

In addition to these ingredients, IV therapy is individually tailored and customized to your unique body type and needs. So the type of cocktail of IV therapy you may be given depends on your unique problems and needs, whether clinical or otherwise.

While typically IV infusions in the usual clinical setting have added analgesics, bronchodilators, antibiotics, antifungals, antidepressants, and others medications, you will rarely find that in most wellness IV therapy clinics that you will go to. This ensures safety for clients and ensures there is no risk for overdose since most, if not all, ingredients are water soluble meaning you will just urinate out any excess.

Balance as the Main Prerequisite for Health

For the organism to function properly and at its peak performance, it needs to be in a state of equilibrium for self-healing to be possible at all times. The body should have everything it needs to heal and recover unless it is in a case of severe medical condition. With this loss of balance in the body and disturbance in homeostasis, disease begins to affect the body negatively.

Due to today’s pace of life, an increased amount of nutrients are needed to keep the body at peak performance and maintain high energy levels. The food you eat usually do not have enough high quality nutrients. Many eat junk food on the go. On top of that, there is increasing pollution of air, water, and food, which also further reduces the quality of nutrients your body is absorbing and lowering your immune system. Therefore, additional nutrient intake as dietary supplements or IV infusion is often suggested.

People with low nutrient levels also have chronic fatigue, feel weak, lack energy, sleep for a long time, a marked decline in immunity, and are often ill, overweight, and have difficulty regulating body weight.

Your need for vitamins and quality nutrients can drastically increase in the following cases:

  • When you are taking in reduced fluid, vitamin, and minerals
  • insufficient fluid intake and low nutrition due to illness, old age, dehydration, or exhaustion such as with a busy lifestyle or a fun night out partying
in case of increased needs (excessive psychophysical effort such as with athletes, chronic fatigue, stress, increased drowsiness, or anxiety due to studying for exams)

The balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids enable the normal functioning of the cells and metabolism of your body. It is a prerequisite for wellness and health. Here you can see the importance and benefits of IV therapy.

IV Infusion Enables: 

  • Complete rehydration of your body
  • 100% nutrient supplementation where oral methods are not sufficient
  • There is no degradation in the liver, stomach, and intestines
  • A much higher concentration is administered and absorbed giving you a greater effect per dosage
  • The effect is noticeable much faster, almost immediately after IV therapy
  • There are very little to no side effects when using IV therapy for wellness especially guided by qualified medical professionals

What is IV Therapy Used for?

  • Rehydration
  • Detoxification of the organism
  • Anti-age treatment (prevention and fight against aging energy recovery gives a feeling of vitality and a better mood)
  • Energy recovery
  • Reduction of stress and accelerated healing of the organism
  • Strengthening immunity
  • Melting fat
  • Building strength and endurance
  • Increasing concentration, for better memory and learning
  • Combating depression
  • Helping with allergies
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Liver disease as well as liver regeneration
  • Recovery after chemotherapy

The maximum of IV infusion or bolus is achieved by applying enough treatments depending on the goal. Occasionally, you need to do maintenance treatment to prevent nutrient loss that declines over time. Nutrients need to renew.

Who Uses IV Therapy for Optimum Wellness?

IV therapy is especially recommended for people under psychophysical stress like athletes who are continually and frequently drained from physical training. IV therapy is especially great for recovery after training or during training.

It is also increasingly used by busy executives who lead a very active and productive work life and need to be constantly on the go. These executives often have a hard time keeping up with the maintenance of their health so they use and invest in IV therapy instead to help keep up their optimum wellness so they can recover faster from busy and long work hours. In this way, these busy executives can gain a competitive advantage by being in top physical shape in a fraction of the time due to the quick effects of IV therapy.

It can also be used for people with allergies, fatigue, and lack of energy. And it is very popular for party goers who are out of commission due to hangovers. They can use IV therapy to quickly get back to the normal rhythm of their everyday life as if they had no hangover from a previous night out.

Final Word of Caution

Still, IV therapy is not without risks. In general, you should use caution during pregnancy and when lactating, as well as when you have any serious medical condition such as high blood pressure or cancer. IV therapy for wellness is not designed to cure or treat any disease.

While wellness clinics and IV therapy are great for maintaining the health of those who are already healthy and fit, if you have medical conditions that need medication, you should consult your medical provider for those issues instead of wellness clinics.


But if you don’t have serious medical conditions and instead your goal is to maintain your already active lifestyle and give yourself the energy and recovery boost, and competitive advantage of IV infusion therapy, then you will get a lot of value from taking advantage of wellness clinics and their affordable offers for IV therapy.