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IV Therapy: The Costs, Benefits, & Treatments

IV Therapy: The Costs, Benefits, & Treatments


You may have heard of the health and wellness benefits of IV therapy sessions. IV vitamins provide a boost of energy and immunity, among other benefits. Many health and wellness centers, such as medical spas, now offer IV vitamin therapy to patients. It can either be mobile where they go to you, or you visit one of their brick and mortar facilities. Most patients aren’t using IV therapy to treat a disease per se. Instead, they’re getting these extra vitamins to boost your already healthy body to reach optimum and peak performance. 

IV therapy has been popularized by the fact that it can treat hangovers from a fun night out partying. The day after a party, people get hydration through IV from one of these professional IV centers to treat or prevent symptoms associated with drinking too much alcohol.

Drinking too much alcohol can lead to dehydration which is the primary reason for hangovers. Still, for others, oral intake of water may not be enough to overcome this dehydration and some opt for getting hydrated intravenously instead.

While IV drips are popularized to treat excessive alcohol consumption, this is not their only function. IV drip therapy can be used for many conditions, among them are to treat fatigue and exhaustion. The treatment can boost energy due to sub-optimum vitamin levels.

If you find yourself tired all the time and could use the boost in energy, then you should consider one of these IV vitamin therapy sessions.


Of course, the price for one vitamin IV therapy session can vary, but according to some preliminary research and the current marketplace, the price tends to hover in the range of $150 to $200. Many of these treatments from the medical spas offer addons for extra benefits at a higher cost.

There are also different types of cocktails for different needs, such as cocktails for energy, cocktails for anti-aging, or cocktails for skincare. Depending on the shop they come in, they may have different names. These different types of cocktails can increase the range in prices even more.

But the real cost is in how much value they give you compared to the money you are investing. In today’s post-COVID world, for example, it is very unnerving to find yourself with an immune system that is not able to fight this deadly virus, even if there is a vaccine. 

However, the boost in immunity from one of these IV vitamin cocktails would help bullet-proof against such infections. Still, you do need to proceed with caution and disinfect whenever possible even when you have a heightened immune system.


Lately, there have been many IV therapy drip shops opening especially in major cities. Since these companies are competing for the business of customers, this increased supply can drive down the prices of one of these IV vitamin therapy sessions.

You may be tempted to choose the lowest priced IV drip shop, but you need to be careful when doing so. The quality comes into question when the price is low. You need to take extra consideration about their standards of safety as well as the quality control that their IV blends go through to maintain their effectiveness.

While you may be getting an IV treatment for a low price, you may not be getting the most bang for your buck. 

This is why you should not get rid of considering higher-priced IVs altogether. Consider higher-priced IV therapy sessions. They may provide higher quality, better trained qualified staff members, and greater standards of safety. Plus, you can be confident that their supplies come from trusted sources.

To ensure safety, you need to make sure that the professionals helping you are credentialed and qualified for the job. These professionals are supervised by medical doctors and can be facilitated by nurse practitioners and registered nurses.


The cost will also depend on how often you go for your visits to take advantage of IV therapy using vitamin cocktails. The more often you use them the higher the cost, but at the same time the greater the health benefits up to a certain point.

Do you work hard and play even harder? You will most likely want to get these IV drips at a greater frequency such as twice a week. With this kind of frequency, you can look at up to $400 a week for these IV drip therapy or $1,600 a month. However, if you are able to afford it, these can give you the energy you need to be in tip-top shape


Many people who have used the IV drip therapy before have claimed that it was a game-changer for them. It seems that they are certainly getting value out of these medical spas. Otherwise, these offers would not last and we would not see so many of these IV drip therapy facilities opening up to offer these treatments as it is a fast-growing industry.

Healing Hand offers one of the best IV therapy treatments available. Their services are affordable without sacrificing quality. They also offer great discounts! 

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