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Top 3 Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

Top 3 Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

When you hear of IV or intravenous you may imagine a sick patient that has a catheter stuck to their arm as they get fluids from a transparent solution bag hanging on an IV pole. This is not the most attractive image of IV hydration therapy but there are increasingly more people that are using IV therapy when they are not necessarily ill but when their body is still in a healthy state. These people do so with specific reasons, while others may be jumping on the bandwagon due to the trend. You have celebrities using it which got people wondering if it is right for them too.

You have a list of A-list celebrities including Rihanna to Adele being seen using such IV therapy sessions for wellness. So, what benefits does using IV for hydration have that people are willing to go through with it outside of the hospital setting? In this article we discuss what are the top 3 benefits of IV hydration therapy.

Benefit 1 – Great Boost in Energy

For most people, they do not necessarily have a life-threatening illness. But what most people have is an energy crisis. They are not functioning at their peak performance in terms of energy. Most people feel lazy, procrastinate, feel sleepy all the time, and do not have mental clarity needed for a productive day.

Most of the time, this is not their fault. It is because their body is out of balance and when your body is not getting the proper vitamins and nutrients it needs in sufficient quantities for an extended period of time, your energy levels crash, and you feel unproductive.

Have you been paying attention to your energy levels?

Just look at the amount of coffee, energy drinks, and sugar people are consuming these days. In the short term these substances are okay to boost your energy. But since people rely on these too much to get through their day every single day, then their bodies cannot keep up and in the long run they suffer a crash in energy levels.

This lack of energy can lead to other health problems which may even eventually become life threatening. The chronic fatigue can wreak havoc on your mental health and your lifestyle habits can decline, making you gain weight and skin, hair, and nails evidently lose their glow. Your internal balance is out of whack, so no wonder it is showing on many aspects of your outside appearance as well.

If you are an avid or professional athlete, a busy business person, or tend to get hangovers often, then you should benefit from the increased boost in energy without the hassle of complicated diets, and time consuming recovery periods that you cannot afford due to your super active lifestyle.

Benefit 2 – Promotes Glowing Skin and Anti-Aging

There is a natural benefit to your outside appearance when your body is in balance. When your health is good internally then it should come as no surprise when your hair, skin, and nails start showing recovery from damage. Also, since IV hydration therapy tends to contain powerful antioxidants like glutathione then you may experience anti-aging benefits.

Have you ever seen dehydrated skin? Chances are you have and the poor elasticity on the skin from lack of hydration makes the skin look cracked and wrinkled. This cracked and wrinkled look on the skin makes one appear older than their age and they lose their glow normally found in well hydrated skin. Hydrated skin also has a supple look which is lost when it is dehydrated.

When skin is cracked from dehydration, it is more prone to itchiness and irritation which can lead to infection when agitated from scratching and can even lead to acne breakout. Plus, the dryness of the skin makes the skin compensate by producing more oil which makes your skin appear oily and greasy which does nothing for your complexion and appearance.

 Alternatives to Rehydrating Your Skin

Other ways to hydrate the skin may not be suitable for most people. If you use a moisturizer and you are a busy person you may forget to apply the moisturizer. Plus the moisturizer tends to take hours to days to see effects on your skin and it is fixing the problem only skin deep. Also with normal rehydration orally through water intake, it can take a while for your skin to be hydrated since other vital organs need to be rehydrated first because they are higher priority for survival.

Many people do not realize just how dehydrated they can be and how badly this affects their skin. You hear the recommended daily intake of 8 full glasses of water per day, but it makes you wonder just how many people follow this guideline. With people being so busy these days and people with active and on the go lifestyles, it is easy to neglect something like water consumption.

This is why IV hydration therapy can be the solution for the right people. Not only is it fast acting, but it also goes directly to the circulatory system which bypasses the digestive system where fluids normally are filtered out by the membranes and liver. The effect of the rehydration from the IV can last from days to weeks depending on your body which varies from person to person.

Imagine the beneficial effects on your skin just with rehydration alone from IV therapy.

Benefit 3 – Helps with Your Weight Loss Goals

You hear about all the buzz about IV therapy and you may have even heard it can help you with weight loss. Just how exactly does it do that though, and does it really work?

It is no secret that having optimum health can help give you more energy and thus speed up your metabolism for greater fat loss. This helps to improve your overall body composition, so you are leaner and look more toned.

Most people who get IV hydration therapy in the first place are already healthy and are most likely already living active and busy lifestyles. Many are able to afford these IV sessions because they are already successful people. They then are looking for that extra competitive edge to beat aging or get a much faster start on their bodily recovery such as with stress or intense exercise. IV therapy is the perfect solution for these people.

What are lipotropics?

When you do your own research on IV therapy and how it helps with weight and fat loss, then you may have heard of the word lipotropics. What exactly are lipotropics? Lipotropics are basically substances that help your body metabolize fat better. It helps to burn fat. As we will discuss later, you may not necessarily always lose weight because other lean mass may compensate for the fat loss, but lipotropics does target fat in your body and is designed to metabolize them so you lose more fat faster.

Lipotropic injections are becoming more popular. You may have seen some commercials on TV or shows that talk about the efficacy of lipotropic injections and their safety. While not many studies have been done to conclusively say that lipotropics are the safest things for weight loss, there have been several anecdotal evidence that suggest that they do help in burning fat.

MIC stands for methionine inositol choline and they are blended with B12 vitamins and they are injections designed specifically to target fat in the body. MIC injections are great for helping release fat from fatty deposits.

You should not rely on IV therapy for weight loss by itself though. This is because first of all while IV therapy is a good supplement for weight loss, it is not a complete replacement for diet and exercise and other lifestyle changes.

Why may I not see my weight drop?

In some cases you may not see a drop in weight. You might think this is a bad thing. But this is only because you are losing fat and gaining muscle. In this case especially if you are in the gym lifting weights or working out, this is actually ideal. You may notice that you are fitting more into your clothes and also generally your clothes are looser on you.

That is because lean mass is much denser than fat. For every pound of fat, lean mass takes up much less space. This is especially so with muscle. If you have more muscle but begin to have less fat in your body, you get a more toned and sexier look which looks attractive.

This body type is ideal for those who do not want to look too skinny and malnourished and instead want that lean, plump, healthy, toned and sexy look that others envy.

The effect of better body composition may not happen in many cases and in your case you may just lose weight overall especially if you are not training to gain muscle to compensate for that fat loss.

But if you are weightlifting and trying to build muscle, which should be a part of a healthy and active lifestyle, then do not be surprised if you are not seeing your weight drop in the scale. Instead look to see how toned your body has become and how looser your clothes are getting. This is a better measure of fat loss and body fat percentage than how many pounds you weigh on the scale.


As always it is good to see your physician and make sure IV hydration therapy is compatible for you. In general, it is okay for healthy individuals, and it is especially beneficial for those with extremely active lifestyles like athletes, busy business executives, and party-goers.

You may also be wondering why has IV therapy become so trendy lately? On top of why IV therapy has been so popular is because so many celebrities lately have been seen getting IV therapy. These star icons have popularized IV therapy through their exposure in the media. Many celebrities including Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and even Brad Pitt have been seen either walking out of a wellness IV clinic or seen in a picture during their IV session while the catheter is still in their arms.

This is surprising because IV therapy clinically does not have rigorous studies yet. But with the popularized use of IV by these celebrities for wellness, its popularity has risen fast and even without a lot of evidence for its efficacy, many people are already getting on this trend and report good results.

Perhaps you can benefit as well. Call for a free consultation today and see if IV hydration therapy is right for you and see for yourself why so many people are trying IV therapy and loving it that they keep coming back for more.

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