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Top 5 Reasons to Try IV Therapy

Top 5 Reasons to Try IV Therapy

You may or may not have heard of IV therapy for wellness, but you may be wondering what the benefits of trying IV therapy are and what are some reasons why others or even you may try IV therapy for optimum health and wellness. IV treatments are typically known for use in the hospital setting and are used to help treat acute and serious fatal conditions that require intravenous access for medications and various supplements. 

But there is a trend growing in popularity for the use of IV therapy outside of the hospital. They are being increasingly used for general commercial use by people who may not necessarily have a medical condition. You may have heard of IV treatments being used after a wild night to treat hangovers to rehydrate the body and help the body recover quickly. But on top of treating hangovers, there are many more uses for IV drip therapy other than hangovers.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should try IV therapy for health and wellness today.

1 – Licensed Medical Professionals Go to You

In the past, you usually had to go to the hospital or clinics to get these IV treatments done. This is in case of emergencies and risks that may happen during the treatment. And you usually are being treated for a serious medical condition when getting these treatments. But with the use of IV for wellness and preventing illness in the first place, it is possible and largely encouraged for the medical professionals to go to you at the convenience and privacy of your home to get treated with IV therapy.

You may in fact not even be in your home. Others may opt for IV treatments to be done in a hotel, or an Airbnb, or even the office at their workplace. This is usually the case when the client wants a boost of recovery from a fun night out in town or a big wedding celebration with a hangover after the event.  

Many offer this service where the medical professionals go to you usually at no extra charge, since this is a primary selling point of IV therapy outside of the typical clinical hospital setting.

It is also worth noting that the professionals performing these IV therapy sessions are credentialed and licensed medical professionals. These licensed professionals include medical doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. They are held to a high standard and are trained to give patients the best care possible.

This means you are not getting some shady person doing your IV. These are real professionals who are qualified and most of not all of them have worked in the hospital setting before trained in IV medication administration. They must also be aware of the risks and complications associated with IV therapy and be able to perform interventions in such cases when adverse effects do arise. The state and federal government regulates these agencies to protect consumers. You have peace of mind that you are in the right hands, but as always you should do your own due diligence as a well-informed consumer.

2 – IV is the Fastest Route

So why do most people use and prefer the IV route as opposed to just the usually oral route of supplementation? The answer is in the speed and percentage of absorption through the IV route. By accessing the vein directly, you get access directly to the bloodstream where nutrients can be absorbed by the cells itself. This is incredibly powerful because the time it takes to feel the effects of the medication or supplementation is within 15 to 30 minutes as opposed to hours when taken by the oral route through the digestive system.

Another reason people choose the IV route is the absorption rate. In the digestive system, the substance ingested must pass through the membranes of the GI tract and go through the liver. This is called the “first pass” effect and as much as 60% of the dosage ingested is lost in this process by the filtration system of the membranes and liver. This means only about 40 to 50% of the nutrients are available for absorption. However, with IV therapy, the absorption rate is pretty much 100% because it does not go through the filtration system of the digestive system, bypassing the first pass effect. Not only are the nutrients readily available for absorption but they are delivered in the fastest way possible for quick effect.

If you need quick hydration and supplementation such as with a hangover or energy boost from jet lag due to a business trip, then IV therapy is the way to go.

3 – Boost Your Energy, Immunity & Recovery

Are you always on the go? Are you a party-goer that loves alcoholic drinks and frequently gets hangovers and needs treatment fast? Or are you a busy executive and productivity and peak performance are at the top of your priority list? Maybe you are an athlete and need recovery from intense workouts fast? If you answered yes then IV therapy can give you the energy, immunity, and recovery boost you need.

A popular and often top recommended IV drip cocktail is the Myers cocktail mix. It is perfect for what most people need, and it helps you to feel great afterwards. It was originally developed by physician Dr. Myers who pioneered the use of IV treatments not only for disease management but also for disease prevention. It contains a balanced blend of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to help the body stay in optimum health to combat disease.

In fact, there have been certain conditions that have responded positively to the Myers’ cocktail treatment including asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, pain, allergies, and sinus and respiratory tract infections.

Several other diseases including angina and hyperthyroidism, have also shown promising results to IV vitamin infusions.

But you can use it for energy or immunity boost, especially if you need recovery fast. If you are always on the go and cannot afford to be missing in action such as for social events or business meetings or sporting events, then you need something to help you be at peak mental and physical performance.

Whether you’re recovering from an acute illness like a bug or food poisoning, need a hangover IV, looking for athletic recovery, or maybe brain health and being in top mental state is important for you, then you may benefit from a Myer’s cocktail. Are you dealing with morning sickness, or have chronic disease like migraines, fatigue, or fibromyalgia? IV hydration and vitamin therapy may also be able to help.

4 – Improve Skin Clarity & Promote Weight Loss

Other great benefits of IV treatments for wellness are improved skin clarity and help with weight loss. Your skin benefits since your health is improved from the inside out. Naturally your skin may display a nice glow to it. There are special cocktails of IV treatments that are specially designed just to promote the health of your skin such as those that include glutathione in them since glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant and helps promote anti-aging.

Another benefit is in weight loss. Again, other cocktails are specialized just to promote weight loss. There are even intramuscular injections offered by wellness centers that are actual injections instead of intravenous drips. These are powerful and they really do promote weight loss. These shots are called lipotropic injections and are designed to burn fat fast. 

5 – Relieve Stress & Detoxify Your Body

The most popular reasons for IV vitamin treatment are to relieve stress and rid your body of toxins. Have you ever felt that feeling of fogginess in your head? It is as if you are just out of it and need a ton of coffee and sugar just to stay awake and alert. It could be from constant stress in your body and from your surroundings. But nonetheless you do not feel at the top of your game. Anxiety gets to you easily. Little things can tick you off like nothing.

When your body is in balance internally, you are able to cope with stress much better and the little things that get in the way no longer affect you anymore. IV therapy has the ability to bring you mental clarity fighting off stress and anxiety in the long run.

Also as mentioned before, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and it helps to detoxify your body and helps in preventing free radicals from wreaking havoc in your body, causing accelerated aging among other ailments. Glutathione is completely natural and greatly improves your body’s ability to recover fast.


You have just read the top 5 reasons why you should try IV therapy today. It is best practice to use IV therapy for wellness for healthy people with no underlying medical illness since IV vitamin therapy is not meant to cure or treat disease. Consult with your physician for medical advice. These IV treatments are for those who live a fast-paced lifestyle and want to maintain it that way by getting a competitive edge through the benefits of IV treatment.

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